May 16, 2014

Desert Heat by Elizabeth Reyes


I have been waiting for this book to come out Forever!
 I am a huge fan if Elizabeth Reyes her books are fabulous, so I could not wait for Desert Heat to come out to get my fix of some hot Hispanic Alpha Male its been awhile since the Moreno Bothers have blessed us with there presence!

Let me just tell you Detective Damien Delgado is my new favorite Elizabeth Reyes Character!
He is a detective in Las Vegas his family is on a famous and popular TV car renovation show. He even has a brother in a band. Damien is such a sweetheart I loved him from the get go! However all the Delgado men had me falling fast and hard!!! I am sure more stories on these brothers are too come and I pray they do soon! Crossing my fingers for Dimitri's story!

Desert Heat starts off with a speed dating conference that Damien goes to with his best friend Jerry (who I thought was a good character with some baggage of his own who spiced up the book).. At the speed dating Damien meets Bethany and doesn't make the greatest impression!

They eventually get to meet up when Damien sees her performing at a show and she is amazing and he suddenly feels a connection and wants to see more of her...They kinda jump into a relationship and "lock it down" quick, but they both have that WOW connection so it didn't bother me too much.she meets his family and they all welcome her with open arms. Especially his niece Carey who is so darn cute.Its a fast passed romance for my liking I really wish it was longer just like I do with  all of  Elizabeth's books. The drama to the story was fudged up seriously what the hell Bethany!!!

Bethany is a actress/performer and works three jobs and one is Zumba which I loved because I to do Zumba. She has 2 siblings who are younger and she has some major drama going on with her life and I seriously mean drama I wanted to shake her and slap her across the face a few time during the book! She was hiding things from Damien and it was driving me insane, because he was head over heels for her like seriously he really loved her!She waits until the last minute and crap to hit the fan to actually tell him what is going on. It really pissed me off I wanted to throw my Ipad across the freaking room!

The end eventually worked out to be PERFECT and I loved it so much it actually fixed my hissy fit and had me with a HUGE smile when I read the epilogue!
I recommend it and if you are a fan of Elizabeth Reyes books you will
totally fall in love with this one!

Favorite Quote:
“This is something I’ve never experienced, and I’ve had girlfriends, okay? I lived with one for almost a year. I know what it feels like to start falling for someone you think is different. I’m a grown-ass man, Bethany—a homicide detective. My heart is supposed to be hardened and unaffected, impenetrable by anything, because of the things I see day in and day out. I should not be feeling what I feel when I’m around you, especially this soon. But I am. And the craziest thing about it is I think you’re feeling it, too.”

Elizabeth Reyes