May 25, 2014

Fault In Our Stars

I  heard so many people rave about this book from the get go, and  I waited to get around to it for awhile. Seriously I had it in my library for  months and never got around to actually enjoying it, because I was afraid I would fall apart with an emotional roller coaster and with a depressing ending and never come back from my slumber of falling for the characters to have my heart crushed into a million pieces!
 HAZEL and AUGUSTUS are the two strongest and fascinating characters I have ever had the pleasure of reading and falling in love with in this sort of genre. John Green made me believe I was living there story thur there eyes.He did all the right things an author should do to make you feel like you are watching a movie play in your head and when you stop reading you still think about it over and over again.Even dream of it when you go to sleep at night. I would not ecpect any less from John Green because all of his books just leave a lasting impression. I must say this book is on my top 10 list to read because it is written so perfect.
Going thru cancer can't be put down on paper and written with words, becuase people that have been thru cancer or have cancer are the only ones who actually know how it is. I have a knew found respect for them and will no longer feel sorry for them or look at them in a diffrent light and just treat them like any normal person. Just because there are sick does not make them any less of a person.
Hazel is intoduced as a 16 year old cancer patient, however that is not at all who she is she is a person all I'm her own cancer does not define her. When you start the book off she is depressed  from her dignosis, and her mom makes her go to a teen cancer support group where other cancer patients meet up and talk about what they are going thru or have been thru. She knows a few kids the one she sorta gets along with is Issac who has a fake eye.

One day while she is going to her support group she meets
Augustus Waters who had cancer but is now in remission, however he did have his leg amputated. He is best freinds with Issac who invited him to support group because he is soon to have surgery and will be blind so he wanted his buddy to take along for support. Right off the bat you will fall head over heels for Augusts he is charming and will make you SWOON as soon as he enters the picture. His eyes are like bright stars that you can stare into all day long.

When he sees Hazel he likes what he sees and he lets Hazel know that she is beautiful and invites her to watch V for Ventteta at his house because he says that is who she reminds him of a younger Natalie Portman.They go to his house and she meets his parents who are very nice  total positive vibes and very likeable. They dont really acknowldege Hazels condition she does where oxygen and has a oxygen tank because she can not breath all that well because her cancer has spread thru her lungs. She likes them for treating her normal. They finally get to watching the movie and talking.

Augusts asks Hazel who she is she dosent know what to say exept that she likes to read and her favortie book is  An Imperial Affliction which Augusts eventually reads and is rather taken by it. The book plays a huge role in the whole story and pretty much is an obsession with both characters. The even go to meet the author of the book to have some questions answered on to why there is no ending to the book. Oh My My the great Van Houten is a total Douch with a capital D.I wanted to just throw some hot coffee in his face for the words he spoke.He may be a freakin brilliant man but he is a major idiot at the same time.I had to stop reading there for a few minutes to catch a breather and have a pretend smoke to deal with the man.

 I don't want to give away any more of the book all I have to say is I really wanted the end to not be the end I felt somewhat devastated with what happens it really touched me! My heart did  break  in to a million pieces and I am glad it did because I don't think I would have it any other way. 

I don't know if the movie will live up to the book movies never do a book justice!! 
I'll update on my thoughts when the movie comes out I am going to see it as soon as it does! 

John Green