May 14, 2014

Signifigance by Shelly Crane

.Amazing and one of my all time FAVORITE books!

Maggie is 17 and just graduated High School following a rough year.Her dad barley pays any attention to her because her mom just up and left them to find her self. She is a very smart girl and graduated a year early but this past year kinda fell apart and she started working and distanced her self from her friends and her school work was lacking also. Her long time boyfriend Chad broke up with her last summer so they can be single senior year. Lets just say Chad is a pain in the rear and makes some apperances thru out the book where you just want to slap him for letting a good thing go!!

Caleb is a College student at University of Tennesse he is a major hottie and smart seriously my untimate book boyfriend. He is majoring in Architecture which is the family business.He has a sister and a niece. He also has a puppy who is adorable. Did I mention he is RICH. Man oh Man how I LOVE me some Caleb.

On graduation night Maggie is asked out by Kyle a long time friend who had been asking and asking her out over and over again, finally Maggie decideds to give him a chance and says Yes! Yahoo thank goodness she did. She plans to go out on a date with him later that evening after graduation... He was having family over and would meet her after his graduation party. Which you think would be questioning since he didnt actually ask her to his party. Seriously what senior dosent have freinds at a grad party you would think it would be questioning eventually you find out why.

  So Maggie's dad barley acknowledges her when graduation is over which is just sad so she decideds to go for a walk. During the walk she sees a handsome guy Caleb and man oh man is he a hottie. she saves his life as he is walking across the street and a truck almost hits him. He is in AWW! of Maggs for saving his life and wants to make sure that she is ok. They eventually get to talking and she relizes that he is Kyles (her dates) cousin. They head over to Kyles and she is drawn to Caleb.When they arrive at Kyles he is surprised to see them together and sorta hurt Man oh Man poor Kyle he really likes Maggie a whole lot and is in store for a whole lotta hurt. They tell him what happened how Maggie saved his life. Maggie feels this urge not to leave Caleb and she should do something as Caleb keeps looking at her and she could tell he felt the same way and she was getting major butterflies. She put her hand out to tell him her name and he put his out and when they touched that is when BOOM!!

.love photo: LoVe love_wallpaper_111-1.jpg

It was so powerful they seen there future flash before there eyes... Caleb relizes that she is his SOULMATE and they have imprinted on one another... You see Caleb is a ACE and they are very unique and have special powers. They are destined to have a mate and when they imprint they are so powerfully in love and ment to be that it is just they ultimate love story! I am not going to give to much more away you will have to read it to figure out the rest of there love story and let me tell you I recommend this book to anyone it is a series and it is by far my favorite they story between Maggie and Caleb will have you so invlolved you seriously will feel like you are in between them and in there minds LITERALLY! Let the Drama Roll!!

Shelly Crane is an fantastic author and did a wonderful job!