May 26, 2014

Zero (Skulls MC #6) by Sam Crescent

I am a huge fan of Sam Crescent and her Skull series and Chaos Bleeds series.The two series are intertwined together.Skulls has 6 books including Zero and I have re-read each of them more than once.They are all filled with Passion,Drama,and Major Sexy Time. As a huge MC book enthusiast I could t get enough of these steamy books!! Did I mention they all are filled with Sexy Alpha Bikers and they are just absolutely scrumptious!! 

Zero is part of the Skulls MC and he would do anything for a brother and his club.He is a well known character thru out the other 5 books before his. He has the hots  for Nash's another brothers wife Sophia and it has caused some conflict for him thru out the whole series. Before he joined the Skulls he was in some deep shit! I mean torture and murder and the whole lot of stuff. It starts off by showing what went down and screwed everything up.
You get to know Purue his best friends sister and who he loves a heck of a lot but doesn't quite know it yet. She is one heck of a chick and I actually got to like her as the book got momentum and she is good for Zero.He is supposed to protect her and make sure she is safe. He puts her and his whole club in dangers path all because of something that happened 10 years ago! It is a high-risk situation and he has to figure out how to save Purue and figure out how to protect his club! Its a heck of a ride and the sex is STEAMY it seriously will get your panties in a bunch . Get ready to rumble!! 

Zero was not my favorite of he Skulls but it wasn't bad I think I'll always compare them all to Lashs story. You have to read the other books to fully understand Zero's story. 
The Epilogue is like WHOA!! Butch's story is next and man oh man what am I supposed to even think of whats to come I am in for one hell of a ride! Sam Crescent knows how to rock my world!!

Sam Crescent