June 28, 2014

Breathless For Him by Sofia Tate (Giveaway)

5/5 Stars
The Title says it all Breathless For Him and that's what I was after reading Sofia's
debut novel I was left Breathless. Sofia gives us the goods with this book just the right amount of Sexiness. I started reading and I fell in love with it after about the 5th page!
In Breathless For Him Sof gives us Davison the best damn piece of man candy known in my neck of the woods. He rocked my world and turned it upside down.Davison is RICH,HOT,SWEET,and did I mention SEXY!! When the book starts out Davison is in a horrible relationship with the evil witch Ashton I hated her just by reading her damn name.I probably sound awful because my name is Ashley sorta similar,but Ashton was just one of those people you know you are going to hate! I wanted to throw a high heel at her head! At first I was like why and the hell is he with her,come on Davison.LOL.Things do eventually get better when she is kicked to the curb and I breathed a heavy sigh of relief.
Than you have Allegra she is just cute as a button.Allegra is an Opera singer, and she works as a coat checker at Le Bistro a high class restaurant.At Le Bistro she meets Davison.They have this sorta instant connection and it happens over a lost glove best part of the whole book!I forgot to mention Allegra is Italian she speaks the language and is the whole Italian package. The Italian language makes the story I loved the way Sof actually Incorporated it into the book by using short Italian phrases here and there made it perfect!
Davison and Allegra's love story is a romantic roller coaster ride with just the right amount of sex. There also is the drama with the Paparazzi since Davison is a well known story on Page Six. Than there is the BIG WTF moment where I wanted to punch something and yell at them both to just be together. I was so frustrated for awhile,but when the drama doesn't stop the romance I was finally able to breath. You can can feel Davison and Allegra's LOVE  the way Sofia wrote the book it is just Magnificent!

Purchase Breathless For Him on Amazon July 1st
I cant wait to see what Sofia has in store for us and wont keep us waiting long for her next book!
Sofia Tate