June 19, 2014

Dark Paradise by Angie Sandro

4/5 Stars
I received Dark Paradise as an ARC copy, it was different than what I normally read.
The cover gave me some excitement because it gave little away.
I have to say Dark Paradise left me breathless and begging for more so much more!
It starts off with Mala finding a body of a beautiful young girl in the Bayou in her backyard. Mala is such a sweet girl she gave the book such a great vibe.
She is going to school to become a cop and she is a tomboy who can cook a mean gumbo.
She is the daughter of the town whore and her mama wouldn't care less about her.
Oh and the town folk think that the women in Mala's family come from a long line of WITCHES! Eh Ya Louisiana and maybe witches makes one hell of a story!
The girl she discovered happens to be the Lainey the sister of a classmate named Landry.
Landry is the first bite of a yummy Beignet that you cant but help but want a second helping of.Landry has had a massive crush on Mala and has wanted her more than anyone just never has gotten the courage to talk to her but he sorta stalks her LOL.
It is kinda cute in a weird way!
"If it's a choice between my family's bullshit and your drama,I'll pick you any day."- Landry
Oh and I cant forget about George he is a deputy who is leading the case of Lainey's murder.I may add he did date Lainey a few months before she died. Mala has had the biggest crush on him since she was in high school. There is something about George  I was just not feeling I didn't care for him at all and I still have this odd vibe about him.Mala seems to like him tho so I know he will be around awhile.
What I loved about the story is it left you in suspense but not so where you were going crazy wanting to throw it down and scream.I cant really tell you much because than I will give it away. I can tell you that Mala isn't your average girl and she does see things you or me wouldn't see on a daily basis. Landry also plays a huge role and what an amazing connection Mala and Landry have it is just so strong when the book ended I was like DANG IT ANGIE seriously I sorta screamed that out loud and my son cam running in say "Mom are you OK" LOL it was pretty funny!!
Angie left off with a BOOM and I don't think I can wait until the next book so I am playing littlescenarios in my head. I am team Mala and Landry all the way, and this story was
a all out FABULOUS READ!