June 30, 2014

Dirty Little Secret ( Heaven Hill #5) by Laramie Briscoe

Lone survivor
Scared, but tough

Christine Stone has lived through a lot since the day she was born. Her older brother left her without a backwards glance, leaving her with parents who wanted to use her to better themselves in their cult-like religious sect.

Days after legally becoming an adult, she’s given to an older man for an arranged marriage that will change her life forever. Escape is the only way her life can be saved. When she succeeds and sets out to make a new life for herself, she meets Travis Steele—communications and security officer for the Heaven Hill MC.

Protector of secrets
Level-headed and steady

Travis Steele has been on the periphery of the Heaven Hill MC for a long time. Quiet, he takes his job seriously. He is the protector of the group, in charge with keeping family and friends safe.

When one meeting with the sister of his friend turns into more, he struggles with where to draw the line. She needs a friend, and Travis prides himself in being what other people need, often sacrificing himself for others. As he discovers the life that Christine has been forced to live, it opens up old wounds, new wounds, and secrets that everyone thought long buried.

Turning a chance meeting into love is hard, especially when everyone has a dirty little secret.

5 Stars
 I seriously have a Obsession with Larmie Briscoe's Heaven Hill series!
Well really anything from Laramie she is one of my favortie authors out there.
I am so eager to see what she has coming next and I am never left un-satisfied.

Dirty Little Secret is Travis's story and it was just the prefect fit for him.
Travis is the Wiz of the club who does all the computer stuff and can find out info at the
drop of a hat it is pretty awesome. In book 5 Travis finds Christine Jagger's sister working as
a stripper at Wet Wanda's.He takes her under his wing gets her out of stripping.Takes care of her.
In the process he is keeping it from his brothers that he is seeing Christine. Christine happens to be on the run from a psychotic husband and is terrified of being found. It has some good drama
Travis is such a sweetie he doesn't rush Christine into anything,but he is slowly falling in love with her as they spent more time together. It takes Christine awhile to trust Travis because she has been threw so much her story is a sad one. I wanted to give her a big hug and tell everything would be OK.On the other hand I wanted to slap her silly and tell her open your eyes girl Travis loves you what are you waiting for!! Dirty Little Secret had the right amount of Drama and Romance. I don't think I can ever give Larmie lower than a 5 star she really deserves more she is such a fantastic writer.

 I can not wait to see what book 6 has in store I am rooting for Roni and Rooster!!

Dirty Little Secret Playlist
1.) So Cold - Breaking Benjamin
2.) The Diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin
3.) Torn to Pieces - Pop Evil
4.) Dead But Rising - Volbeat
5.) Dog on A Leash - Adelita's Way
6.) Would You Still Be There - Of Mice & Men
7.) Love The Way You Hate Me - Like A Storm
8.) What if I Was Nothing - All Th...at Remains
9.) Save Me - MGK & M. Shadows
10.) Red - Jess Moskaluke
11.) Night Train - Jason Aldean
12.) Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless
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Laramie Briscoe is the author of the Amazon Best-Selling Heaven Hill Series.

Her grandmother encouraged a love of reading when she secretly passed along her romance novels after finishing them. That love of reading and a vivid imagination sparked a love of writing.
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