June 3, 2014

Hold On Tight ( Sea Breeze #8)- By Abbi Glines

Abbi Gline's Sea Breeze series is my favorite out of all her series even tho
I have read all of her books and they are are FANTASTIC the
Sea Breeze series is by far the best in my opinion.
Hold On tight is finally Dewayne's story he is in all of the other books.
I could not wait to read his story,because he has always been a mystery to me.
WOW....What a story he has it is emotional and took me for a ride I don't
even know if I was prepared for it.
Dewayne is a total player but all the men in the Sea Breeze books are players who have there share of women. Dewayne is by far the player of all players.
He is one hell of a sex god and can pretty much make a girl cum at the drop of a hat.
Deep down he is a big ol Teddy bear. We get to see the tragedy that happened
to him when his brother Dustin was in a car accident when they were teenagers and
how he blames himself for his brother getting behind the wheel and driving drunk and dying.
We than meet Sienna who was Dustin's girlfriend when he died and there next door neighbor.
Dewayne had always had feelings for her and after Dustin's accident she sorta just disappeared. Little did Dwayne know that she had always had feelings for him too.
He had no idea that Sienna had his brothers son Micah.
Micah is the spitting image of his dad and just so darn cute.
When she moves back 6 years later  all of Dewayn's feelings come rushing back and he wants her all of her, but he wont really let him self open up to her it takes sometime and you sorta want to scream Open your damn eyes Dewayne she loves you!! I wanted to throw my damn Ipad a few times because it was cat and mouse thru most the book. Finally they get there shit together and its just the best!
Abbi Glines did a good job of making us wait for Dewayne's story it was AMAZING!

"I reckon I can tell you I love you if I fucking want to.You can kick my ass out of your house.You can be mad at me,and you can make me sleep on this damn porch.But you can't stop me from telling you that I love you."