June 17, 2014

Lily Love by Maggi Myers

Heartbreaking isn't really even the word to describe this book it goes way beyond Heartbreaking. Not in a bad way just I have no idea how Maggie wrote such a touching story with such intimate content. She proved to me she knows what she is doing. This was my first read by her and it touched me in ways I didn't know possible! 

Lily Love starts off with the story of with Caroline a Wife  to her college sweetheart and Mother of a beautiful daughter Lily. As Lily grows Caroline notices that she is not developing like a normal child her age should be. When she takes Lily to the doctor he tells her news that will forever change the course of her life as she knows it. Lily has a disability and Caroline doesn't really know how to put the pieces to the puzzel that is apart, and things begin to blow up! BOOM!
Dealing with Lily's disability causes her marriage to crumble and turn the couple to divorce.
Caroline begins to blame herself for everything especially she blames her self for Lily's disability. Here is when it gets so gut wrenching I had to close my eyes and breath a little!Caroline has the weight of the world on her shoulders especially dealing with Lily and her disability. I am a mother and I have my ups and downs but there is NO AWAY I could even imagine what a parent of a disabled child goes threw I give them so much credit they are serious Angels sent from above! Reading this book made me look at these parents in a whole new light it really was something.
Low and behold while out for a minute Caroline meets Tate Lets just say he is a man you cant even dream up.Tate befriends Caroline and he sees her underneath all the stress and mayhem going on in her life. Tate wants to spend more time with her and I know it is like kabam here is Tate but you really have to read the story to see how Tate understands her and how they have such a strong connection.Caroline is a little on edge because seriously who wants a recently divorced woman with a special needs child? Tate didn't care he wanted her for who she was and the baggage she came with!
This book touched me I really cant even explain the emotions I went thru reading this book
Maggi wrote Lily perfectly Lily was like a little butterfly fluttering her wings for the first time.
That little girl will hold a place in my heart forever and ever she is just perfect in my eyes. 
Caroline was a character you see in the supermarket everyday who really just needs a pat on the back and to know everything is OK and happens for a reason and that life does go on. 
Than there is Tate,Maggi seriously made Tate my cup of coffee for the morning with some extra sugar he was a wonderful man and I don't know if I can feel for another book boyfriend the way I felt about him he has my unconditional love.
Maggi seriously made this a story you HAVE TO READ!
Please do it is just FANTASTIC!