June 12, 2014

The Hearts Game By Crista Mchugh

I received an ARC copy in return for an honest review.
Crista Mchugh can not go wrong with the Kelly Brothers.
Dan's story was one for the books.
4 out of 5 STARS

Dan is a hot sexy nerd with beautiful blue eyes.
I have to say out of the Kelly brothers he is by far the most attractive
I loved the whole nerd thing he had going on. Plus he is a DR. so that seriously made 
him a 10 out of 10.

Dan's love story begins when he meets Jenny at Comic-Con
Jenny is a Robotics engineer who currently underwent
Artificial Insemination for her brother Jason and his husband Mike.
She want to experience one last fling before she becomes full blown preggo.

Jen and Dan get it on all hot and steamy and turned turned me on
oh so much.I will have very special dreams about it tonight!
Well Jenny wants it to only be a one time thing Dan wants more.
When a few weeks later he moves to Seattle and attends a game night
at his friend Paul's house he runs into Jenny and there one night stand becomes more. Dan wants more than a booty call and she dosent want him as anything other than a late night phone call for some goody good!

There is just one little itsy bitsy problem she is now officially pregnant with
Jason and Aaron's baby. When Dan accidently finds out that she is pregnant 
 he thinks its his and man oh man does that complicate things.
Here is where I wanted to bitch slap Jenny because there
is this freakin good man wanting you more than just some cheap two dollar whore and you just cant come out and say I am my brothers surragate but I really like you so can we work it out.UGH I got frustrated there for a bit!
It gets soo good you want to hurry it on up and read like a mad man to
see what the turn out will be.
The ending fits the story well and I was a HAPPY CAMPER!