June 16, 2014

The Life You Left By Carmel Harrington

When I was first introduced to Carmel Harrington it was with her first book Beyond Grace's Rainbow
and I was hooked to Carmel and her writing she is AMAZING.
I could not wait for The Life You Left  I read the synopsis and I just knew it would take me away into a whole other place, and I was right it did it captured me and melted my heart.

The Life You Left starts out with the main character Sarah receiving a cryptic email from her husband Paul who says he needs some time to collect himself and time away from his family,That is what she is left off with and wonders what in the heck is going on and why he would just up and leave her and there three kids Ella,Katie,and Tommy. It rocks her world to its core.

I was a little torn at first and it took me a minute to get into it, but than enters Edward, Sarah's guardian angel who only she can see. Edward made the whole book come together and I quickly got into the story and couldn't put it down. Edward has a presence thru out the book,at first it was a little creepy,but than I got to know him and really liked him and what he represented. Key note is that Sarah had meet Edward as a child and it caused her to be put into a psych ward she had not seen him for 20 long years than he decides to up and appear again.

Going thru so much Sarah does have support from her twin brother James. James is seriously the best supporting character I just loved him he was such a good uncle and a wonderful man. I decided that he was awesome and  I developed a huge crush on him. James is a private detective and pretty much loves and believes his sister no matter what they have a bond that cant be broken. He believes Sarah about Edward and had no doubt in his sister.

The Life You Left had me hanging on all the way to the end and I laughed,cried,and even was upset at some points in the book,Carmel knows how to hook you in at the right time and when to throw you for a loop.Its what makes her an amazing writer.I hope I don't have to wait long for the next book!
Definite Read!!!

Carmel Harrington