July 1, 2014

Corprate Candy(A Billionair Playboy's Toy #1) by Destiny Dark

4 Stars
Candice Lundy's world centers around two things: work and watching old movies. That is until her roommate, Ashleigh Vale, decides it's time for Candy to find a man of her own, or at the very least, someone to give her virginity to and break the rut she's stuck in once and for all. Ashleigh sets Candy up on a blind date with billionaire playboy Abraham Black, who is notorious for running his business the same way he runs his love life: with a heavy hand and no qualms when it comes to doling out consequences to those that deserve them. Candy is unwittingly trapped into an arrangement with him that she can't back out of, an arrangement where he holds all the cards. Will Mr. Black be the one to claim her innocence? Or will his dominating ways scare Candy off for good?

Destiny shocked the hell out of me with this book her writing was just fantastic!
This was just such an intense read it made me fall for every character!!
She introduced me to Abraham Black the freaking man of all men Rich and Handsome don't even begin to describe him.He is freaking amazing in bed yep AMAZING! I was so hot and bothered by him I think my dreams will be invaded with his face tonight! Ahhh I can just picture his lushes lips.YUMMY!!
The book also gives us Candice who goes by Candy she is a nurse who works in labor and delivery she is just so smart I fell in love with her right away. She does have one hell of a back story and I cried. YES! I was in tears thank gosh everyone was asleep when I was balling my eyes out when I was reading her back story because it made my heart break! In her back story there is a guy named Brett and he is such a charmer with his southern accent that gave me goosebumps. I loved him and hope to see more of him so I can hear his accent.So damn sexy!! Candy also had a BFF Ashleigh yes best name choice ever right! Ash is such a sweetheart she had me laughing at most the things that came out of her mouth especially "Camel sex" haha if you have no idea what that is you better read the book to find out because it is hilarious!
This book also gave us the evil witch Nina ugh I felt like she needed to be committed to a psyc ward.She was bat shit crazy!! She hooks up with Abraham once and is like obsessed with him.She sorta becomes a stalker.By the way Nina is married!!
I cant even imagine how much more crazy will come from her.
I gave Corporate Candy a 4 star because at one point in the book I wanted to throw it and had to stop and collect myself,because Nina was getting to me that damn women!
Destiny I cant wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the next book!!
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About Destiny Dark
Destiny Dark is a native of Texas, living in a house ruled by her calico, The Masked Kitty, and three little ones all under the age of ten, whom The Masked Kitty stalks relentlessly. Destiny spends her days managing carefully orchestrated chaos and conversing with the voices in her head, i.e. writing stories for your reading entertainment.