September 3, 2014

Elizabeth Reyes

I choose to put Elizabeth Reyes smack in the middle of Morning Books & Coffee's
author take over week, because I have been a fan of her for such a long time.
It feels like FOREVER! As most of you who are up to date with me probably know I
am Hispanic. Most the books I read rarely every have any Hispanic characters in them,
When I found Elizabeth Reyes books I was sucked into her writing. I have a slight addiction to
all of the men she writes. I love how all, well most of her characters are Hispanic.
I get the culture and feel as if they are my neighbors next door.
That is why Elizabeth Reyes will always be one of my favorite authors.
I have recommended her books to so many people they pry think I am WHACK in the
head because I obsess over the Moreno brothers LOL. What can I say they are
just so damn SEXY. FYI Moreno men in real life are not that bad looking
they are freaking gorgeous and everything about them screams come here baby!
If you have not read any of Elizabeth Reyes book please do you will not be
disappointed at all. You will wanna pick up the next Hispanic man who hits on you
because let me tell you Hispanic men know how to treat a lady.
However, a heads up Hispanic woman are FEISTY and don't put up with
no shit and Elizabeth's woman really are feisty!!
Elizabeth hasn't just given us Moreno brothers she has given us the men of 5th Street
and currently she has given is the Santiago brothers!! Be on the look out for
more to come. I have to also mention ROMERO, he isn't a Moreno but he is one of
their best friends and damn Gina he is FINE!! I love ROMERO!!
Gah I can seriously go on and on all day about every single
one of her characters and why I love them, but I will let you be the judge so
if you haven't checked her out please do you will be so happy you did!!
5th Street
Find Elizabeth here

Here are my FAVS if you havent read
grab them now!!