September 4, 2014

Sam Crescent

When I decided to do an author week there was no doubt I had to include the QUEEN of sex scenes. Sam is beyond AMAZING I have read every single one of her books!
She is the reason I love erotic and taboo books. She collaborates with Jenika Snow and Jenika and her can make you have an orgasm with just a couple words.
I cant say I have a favorite Sam book because I love everything she puts out. the woman is one talented lady. I think my husband loves her because she has makes me so steamy after reading her book I want to jump him as soon as he walks in the door from work. LOL
I am what you would call a stalker for Sam every time she  posts something new I am
on it and fan girl it like no tomorrow. She is just freaking something else.
I want to get into that brain of hers and know what she thinks when she
is writing these books of hers. Sam thanks so much love!!
You are a mystery love I have no idea what  you look like and you are very secretive
but I love that about you, I think it makes you unique and just fascinating!!
If you haven't read a Sam Crescent book please do
here are some of my favorites.