September 29, 2014


Okay guys I know I have been a total slacker last week!! I seriously have been totally busy! My hubby had the week off so much time spent with my honey and the kiddo! Plus it was my
Grandpas Birthday well the first birthday that he is not here
so it was a tuff week for me, I was his little princess and
I know I always will be!
I wasn't able to catch The Real for three days =(,
but I am watching it as I write this LOL
So Love it.
I am behind a bit on my books, but was able to catch up this weekend  and will have a review up in a bit on a really good read. I needed a dose  my fictional drama. If you haven't checked out my FB and Twitter I am always on there with Cover Reveals and blitz....
I decided my 'The Real' posts will be a weekly recap about that weeks episodes and this month I actually have a few things coming up so I will try and live tweet, but pry not every day. I also
have some Fabulous Halloween giveaways coming
up so make sure you stay posted on FB and
Twitter!! =)
Also I have a HUGE announcement for you
I am going to be starting a YOUTUBE Channel
with some book reviews and I will be hosting some
Fabulous giveaways around the holidays, as
soon as I have it up and running I will let you know!
Cant wait for you to check it out!