September 4, 2014

Slayer by Elsa Day ( Blog Tour)


Flames burn, no matter how they deny it.
Nadia wants to be a normal everyday girl. She wants to party, she wants to be free, and she wants to fall in love. But there's one thing standing in her way; her dad is the president of the Midnight Stalkers Motorcycle Club. Nadia's ruthless biker dad won't let anyone touch his daughter.
Hunter Flint is the rugged and rough sergeant at arms of a rival MC, the Sons of Rebellion. Hunter wears his battle scars on his skin, and he's closed himself off to love. He's come to Queenstown on a deadly mission, one that could tear the Midnight Stalkers apart.
When the two meet, it ignites passion between them.  Can these star-crossed lovers ever be together ... Or will their love story crash and burn?
Slayer is the first instalment of the Sons of Rebellion serial, following the story of Nadia and Hunter. The series contains strong sexual themes, and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.


Hot Damn this books was FUCKING amazing!! I wanted more like right than and there when I finished it!!
Nadia poor Nadie she is beautiful and has one hell of a life as the princess of the Stalkers MC she is being forced to marry a man she does not want to just to please her dad! Its so sad.
Than one night while sneaking out she meets the SEXY Hunter aka Slayar . Gosh damn what that man can do with his mouth ahhh he has one magical tounge.
I loved him so damn much. The only thing is I want him to be with Nadie but he has one hell of a secret and it may just near kill Nadia if she knew what it was!
Oh and FYI He is from a rival MC EEEEEEEKK Shit is about to hit the fan!! Can not wait to get my hands on book 2!!!


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OF COURSE. OF COURSE this would happen. The Stalkers weren't even around and still a fight broke out. Lucky me.
As soon as Bradshaw let go of me, I ran. I wasn't stupid. That other guy wasn't messing around.
I should've gone home right then, but I couldn't help but linger. I watched Bradshaw get head-butted. When his nose broke, he screamed like a bitch.
It almost didn't feel like a fight. It felt like the new guy was playing with him. Enjoying himself. His muscles moved so fluidly that I could tell it wasn't his first time beating someone up.
But he wasn't a bully. He didn't call his friends who were laughing over at another table. He didn't rain down on Bradshaw like he should've. He was just doing what he needed to so that he'd shut the hell up.
Who was that guy?
A few more punches, and Bradshaw was out. He fell to the ground like a cartoon, his entire body going limp at once. When it happened, the entire bar erupted in applause.
And he saw me.
Our eyes met and electricity shot through my body. All of a sudden I could barely breathe and my heart started pounding. I took a step forward and then stopped. No. I didn't need this kind of trouble.
I grabbed the doorknob and ran out.


Elsa Day loves writing stories about characters just beginning to discover adulthood. Her books have romance, angst, and just the right amount of spice!
When she's not writing, Elsa can probably be found chugging tea, listening to international music, and baking sweets. She enjoys sketching, painting, and photography, but writing will always be her first love.