September 1, 2014

**Sofia Tate**

Author Sofia Tate is a breathtaking author who is taking the romance world by storm. 
Her debut novel Breathless For Him was released this summer and it is phenomenal. 
She has given us the oh so sexy Davidson and Allegra the sweetheart next door!

She is one of the sweetest woman I know out of the author world and  am so glad to have found her!

She is getting ready to release the 2nd book in the Breathless series this December and I know it 
will pry give us a part of her no one else knows and it will be even better than the first. 

If you haven't checked out Sofia you can enter to win a eBook and some Swag on my Facebook page.
I know you will love her just as much as I do. 
Find Sofia Here
Allegra wakes up Davison for a very important reason.
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