September 16, 2014

The Real S1 E2

Today on The Real they killed for being just the second episode I felt like I was right there sitting next to them.
I lam just loving the vibe these ladies are giving me.
Tamera girl you were freaking killing it in that outfit one hot mama today! 
Tamar that girl is freaking hilarious girl tell it HAHAHAHA I love how she is up front about her love for her man. Vince and Tamar's relationship is sorta like my husbands and mine Lovers and Friends thank gosh I found a man who is wonderful! I also loved the topic of nicknames mine is Honeybuns I just love it. J girl yours was cute I liked yours out of the bunch.

OMG don't even get me started on the Binge segment that food looked so darn good! 
Loni had me laughing so hard my tummy is still sore! LOL she jokes about them skinny bitches tasting the bacon fat hahaha oh man I was laughing forever about that! Adrienne's doughnut looked the best YUMMY! 

no you didnt photo: oh no you didnt tumblr_l5uz6s8jYh1qbqxyho1_250.gif

Today my OH NO YOU DIDN'T moment was when Loni brought up Adrienne's ex I just hoped they wouldn't, but I knew it would come up eventually and rather sooner than later. I personally think people give in to much with the story its her EX move on people! Plus I needa know more about this new man of hers he is FINE. She was funny mentioning her ex AARON they were together 9 years and I didn't even know he existed until now LOL! 

Jennie Garth was on the show today to promote her new show and girl is she handy and likes to get her hands dirrty! she was funny I loved the talk about her daughter hahaha one cool mom right there. The back splash that she demonstrated was just awesome
Twitter Dares gosh that is the most awesome segment and I seriously hope my dare gets chosen I dared Adrienne to rap a LL Cool J song. HAHAHA I loved Loni's dare she can shake it to a MJ song. LOL Overall good show it perks up my mid day since it comes on at 2:00 here. Can't wait for tomorrow RayJ will be on!!!!!

If you havent tuned in please do it is so worth it just for the laugh. I will be live tweeting while I am watching again tomorrow so check me out 4:00pm EST @morningbooks123 !!!