September 17, 2014

The Real S1 E3

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Today on Rhe Real the ladies made me laugh more
than ever! Loni girl you are just hilarious.
Baby Hair = Edges okay I have good hair myself so
this was like a new term for me! LOL
I aint need no wig/weave thank goodness =)
This was about the topic of when a man can see you
be natural with no makeup and your hair down.
I say after a couple months before a guy can see you
totally be you. If you cant than honey he aint worth
the time and effort. Tamar had me laughing saying she waited 2 years girl you be tripping!
Than they were talking about when to say "I Love You"
I think it should be after like 6 months, however
I did say it rather quickly with my husband, because
it was different with him and I just knew he was my one.
OMG bringing up if your man is good in bed is
like a hard topic personally I keep that private
no Biatch needs to be knowing my damn business in
the bedroom, but I aint gonna lie I do tend to give advice
so maybe I may be a blabber mouth and not realize it =)
Show & Tell segment was adorable I loved Loni's
it wasn't just a hair pick it had a sweet story behind it.
She from the hood, but worked her way up and look
at her with her own talk show!
They asked for us to post a show and tell on twitter
#showandtell, but I didn't hahaha I woulda posted a
MC Book(didn't know if it was appropriate)
but I couldn't just pick one so I decided to skip it.
RAY-Jay was the guest today and DAMN if that man
lips could be any sexier I would get down and dirty J/K
I really enjoyed how he was down to earth well he
always is and he was trying to be honest.
The ladies did drill him there at the end
with a scenario segment with what if questions.
Boy was it good,Adrienne showed her FIESTY Latina side
Loved it. Tamar was all up in his face too. J baby you
are too cute I loved the pouty face! she was all
"you put me to sleep last night" and Ray J replies
"Ya BABY I tucked you in" I was seriously laughing
so hard I almost peed a little LOL =)
#Dime piece was pretty cool I was liking J's earrings and
I shared mine on twitter Guess Jeans but honey
any jeans really Old Navy are not bad either, however
they do give me a saggy butt after a few hours. Just thought I
would throw that out there.
I forgot to mention Adrienne babe that outfit
was KILLER I want it like really want it!
Overall today was a good day and love live twitting will
be doing it all week so tune in tomorrow 4:00pm EST