September 21, 2014

The Real S.1 E.4/5

Hi ladies and gents I am super sorry I am way late on getting this post up!
I have had a super busy weekend!! Oh and on Thursday I didn't have a chance to
whip up a blog post because I went to go see the musical WICKED and it was
FABULOUS Loved it. However, it is already Sunday and I was thinking I better get
a post up before the new week starts.
I first want to  say I absolutely love this show I look forward to watching it
each and every day! I watched on Thursday and man let me tell you these
ladies make me laugh so hard Loni girl you are hilarious mama bear!
On Thursday Laurence Fishburne was on the how and man is he not a
freaking legend I loved him. I really liked how baby J was in the interview she
was like so pumped to be interviewing him. By the way J I seen your beautiful face
at the store doing your thing for a new toothpaste. FYI I bought the tooth paste hahaah!!!
The best part of Thursday show was Tameras mirror face OMG Girl I think everyone has
a mirror face some just work it better than others!
Fridays show I sorta missed half of it and I tried to dowlaod the app on my phone
so I could watch all of it but for some reason with the new IOS 8 I couldn't download it.
Wack phone LOL. Anyways I seen the second half and I loved it Orlando Jones was on
and gosh if he is not one sexy beast! It totally sucks that I missed the Friday girl talk but
my kiddo comes first and to be honest we were totally crashed out for a nap.
Little moments like that cuddled on the coach in a big blanket are the best a mom can have!
Tomorrow NICK CARTER is going to be on the show and I will
for sure be live tweeting I am a huge Backstreet fan and Nick was my man back in the
day when I was like 12 LOL. So check me out at
@morningbooks123 4:00pm est
and to catch up with the real check out there website