October 7, 2014

Ash Rant (Country Music)

HMMMM...I am sitting here listing to Lee Brice and I have to say he is a wonderful artist, and while loving it and listieng I suddenly
became super upset about country music!!!
Country music is not like it used to be with the good ol George Strait and Alan Jackson music those were the good old days for the times you were so in love you would put on
"I Cross My Heart" By George or "It must be Love" By Alan Jackson. Or if you happen to be going thru a tuff breakup you would out on a Rascal Flatt song. No and days country aint the same it is like way to poppy seriously no offense to the
Luke Bryan fans but "Shake it for Me"
is no way near a country song!

I wish some days that country was like the old days where it had meaning, and there are some
artists out there who are like Lee Brice, Craig Campbell, and Justin Moore who have song like the great country artists. pry more, but I cant name them off hand. Country needs to be like the old days not so much this Taylor Swift crap!
I just needed to rant I wondered why I don't listen to much country anymore, and it is because most sucks ass!
I seriously can listen to some of those old country songs and a serious memory comes into my mind! I love it...I just needed to rant about the music now in days it sucks. Wish it was more like the old days, with true meaning!!