November 3, 2014

Repeat Performace by Reese Galloway (BLOG TOUR)


Ellaine Greene has a new man in her life, the famous magician Xander Hollatz. He's ripped, kind, and mysterious -- nothing like her ex-husband. He has even volunteered to perform at her aquarium's annual fundraising gala. But she's still having trouble leaving the past behind, especially when her ex shows up to beg for money.
Before the new couple knows it, someone's trying to break into Xander's mansion to steal the secrets of his many famous illusions. Ellaine's ex becomes their prime suspect. But maybe it's actually the up-and-coming street magician they've befriended. Or maybe it's even someone from Xander's mysterious past.
Whoever the thief is, if he uncovers and reveals the secret of Xander's newest illusion for the fundraiser, the event will be a disaster. Ellaine may lose her job.
And there's a still greater question: Is this feeling they share together just lust -- or is it something more?
Find out in this 74,000-word book, the second volume in the Sleight of Hand series.
4 stars
MMMMMK book 2 in the Sleight of Hand series has arrived and let me tell you honey is it one
hell of a ride!
Reese left me like WTF after the 1st book so I was dyeing to dig into this book. Ellaine gosh I wanted to smack her in book one and I still sorta feel that way about her in the beginning of book 2. I wanted her to get her shit together and seriously let the past go!
Xander my goodness you just wanna lick him up and down he just cant get any sexier than he is. I loved him in book 2 he was fabulous and showed his true self. Although he still is a mystery and I don't quite think I cracked the shell completely open in this book. Hmmmm I like it tho I like it a lot. Maybe he has some more doors that need to be open. I just have to wait and find out!
I did give this book a 4 star because the Ex-husband drove me completely nuts and I seriously wish he wasn't even in this book he just blah makes me throw up in my mouth a little!
I really love Reese tho the writing is great cant get enough and cant wait to see what is coming up next!

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