December 1, 2014

Tijan Franchise Scene

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“There’s so many of them,” Sam noted under her breath. An awed tone came from her. 
Mason grunted. He gestured to the head of the table where a guy was sitting. He had darker blonde hair, striking blue eyes, and a physique that was noticeably well-toned, even under his business suit. A lethal aura came from him and Mason knew he was Carter Reed, the guy who had mafia ties. Logan and Sam knew he was a killer, but they didn’t know he had been an assassin. Mason kept that information to himself. His gaze drifted to the woman next to him. She glanced towards them, she turned right back when Carter murmured something. She had a striking beauty, shorter hair that grazed the tops of her shoulders, she sat almost demurely next to him, but Mason knew it wasn’t real. From that slight look, even though it was brief, he saw the strength in her eyes. 
Mason wondered if she realized how she came across, as timid almost, then he looked around the rest of the room and stopped thinking about it. Sam was right to be surprised. There were a lot of people there. He skipped over some of them when he saw Logan being introduced to a group of people by Jesse Hunt. 
“There’s Alexandra.” His hand touched Sam’s arm and he nodded to the far corner, beside a counter where food was being placed by staff. 
“Oh!” She started forward. “I want to go say hi before this whole thing starts.” 
When they approached the group, Logan threw his arm around a guy. His hand came up from the back and ruffled the darker blonde curls, whose green eyes reflected the dazed and almost giddiness Logan was exuding. He said, “Holy shit. Hunt knows Steele, here.” Logan pointed at a guy who could only be described as a walking magazine-cover. He had high cheekbones, dark brown hair slicked to one side, and hazel eyes. Logan added, “Steele’s a movie star. He’s worked with both Nate and Hunt’s parents. Our dad needs to get involved with Hollywood. Drop the Analitch and meet someone else just as crazy.” 
Mason frowned. 
“Logan,” Sam murmured.
Logan laughed, removing his arm from the guy who he still hadn’t introduced. He jerked a thumb at him now. “This is Corrigan. He and,” he moved to the next guy who had black hair and sea blue eyes, “Bryce, and,” he paused, frowning as a girl moved through the crowd to stand on the other side of Bryce, “I don’t know who she is, but she must know them, anyways, they’re all around the L.A. area too. We should hook some parents up and make inbred babies with each other.”

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