January 29, 2015

Bulletproof Coffe!!??

Butter in Coffee? 

MMMK you pry are thinking like I did what the heck are people thinking putting Butter in coffee. 
Well apparently it is the new thing to do and is all the rage. 

Bullet Proof is the name of it and it is supposed to be beneficial to your health. Its supposed to make you more Focused and Energized. I find this some what hard to believe this would work on a coffee addict such as myself. So i just had to try and see if this was for real or for fake!? 



Brew Coffee.Make sure it is super hot. 

Add Butter and Coconut oil to blender and pour Coffee over and  
Mix until nice and frothy 

I added a bit of Stevia to mine to give it a sweeter flavor. 

I live in a state where crazy coffee drinks aren't all that LOL sure we do have Starbucks, but we aren't a state who has this cozy coffee shops all over the place. Which is sad I wish we did, So I did have a hard time finding the  Organic Coffee beans, but after a search I found some at the local Sprouts market. 

My hubby thought I was complete nuts for trying this, I was so skeptical, but I tasted it, it was not bad at all had a nice nutty flavor. I drank it all up. 

1hr in i has the worst headache of my, life seriously it was was just horrible. It felt like my head was going to explode. I stayed with a headache thru out the day it was awful! 

2hrs in my heart rate was very high. It felt crazy like I had been working out with my trainer on a hardcore day! As I may add i was in laying down trying to get read of the headache. 

I would say 3 hours is I felt like I had some what of a sugar like coma it was just not good. 

Later that evening about 6 hours after and still with a headache I felt like I had been hit with a bus it was nasty and I did nothing different all day just drink this coffee. 

Worst coffee EVER. I will never drink it again, it just did not sit well with me at all. I would say if you are going to try, try on a day you are off and at home. I guess it is just not for everyone!