February 13, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey MOVIE!!

Fifty Shades Of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey 


A year of waiting has come and gone! I was so excited to go watch Fifty Shades of Grey. I had been driving my ladies nuts with my Fifty references and my count down until show time. 

The day finally came and I went to go see it with my lovely cousin. We had well prepared I even had a nice mixed drink at dinner before the show! 

When the movie started I had butterflies. Than came into picture Ana and man did Dakota give the character some spark! I think Dakota was the perfect Ana. I was so skeptical when they announced she was going to play the lead that I had to take a few steps back and observe her acting skills in the months prior to the movie. 

In the book Anastasia does not seem as strong as Dakota made her be and funny man was she hilarious in the movie. The audience busted out laughing quite a few times. I think she is what made the movie so special for me. 

Christian ehhh lets just say Jamie is not it for me. I pictured some one so much more masculine who can just man handle me or  I mean Ana. LOL. 
I was just not feeling him. Don't get me wrong he did a wonderful job just no the build was all wrong and just no not for me. I will give Jamie credit tho is is one sexy man just not my Christian Grey. 

Than there was the SEX Oh-My-Gosh!! Holy hotness. Let me start out by saying most of the theater I was in was couples and it kinda made it akward. I have to say the part where Christian takes Ana's V-card was hot damn it keeps playing over and over it my head. It was beautiful I just adored it. The chemistry could have been a little better it wasn't full on they were in love. Movie 2 I think I will feel a little more comfortable with the read room. When he whipped her I kinda got scared it was hard and poor Ana. 

Over all the movie was what I expected I was sure they were not going to hit everything. They did hit the part with the 'Ice' that was the best part of the whole damn movie! Lets just say I am happy I have a hubby to come home too... LOL I totally am going to buy when it comes out. It is the holy grail of my kinky books turn to life!!