February 16, 2015

Grey's Skye by Vanessa Nobel

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After a devastating divorce Lucy, a young adult novelist, escapes to Scotland to recover. What she finds instead is a gorgeous neighbor who makes her question her future. Gray is a teacher who has lived on Skye his entire life. The two start a friendship but Gray wants more. How can he make her see it is worth giving him a chance?


I actually heard about Gray's Skye thru another author who know my liked and tastes and said I would live this. She was not wrong I adored this book. 

Vanessa's debut novel was fabulous she created Lucy a recent divorcee who decides to follow her dreams, so she moves to a country she only has written about, but has loved from afar. she is a hot mess, because of what he ex husband put her threw and she is trying to move on and enjoy her life. 

That is when Grey comes in he is her sexy next door neighbor. He is handsome and charming and everything Lucy needs in her life. They become fast friends and learn so much about each other. I loved the bond that they shared. 

The love story takes some time, but eventually it is an awe and I smiled so darn big. i did give 4.5 stars because the ending was not complete for me I wanted more. Other than that the book for a debut novel is WONDERFUL! 

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Vanessa Noble is a lifelong writer, first time novelist. Learning to read at the age of 4, from the pages of Cosmo magazine, inspired a lifelong love of the written word. After a questionable start with bad poetry as a teenager adult Vanessa decided short stories were the way to go before a fateful viewing of Doctor Who made her want to write something set in the United Kingdom.
Vanessa is a collector of cats and kids, of which she has 3 each. She lives in Northern Kentucky with her husband, his awesome mother, and their menagerie of kids and cats. When she isn’t writing she loves to spend her time reading and watching television, daydreaming of an extended vacation to the United Kingdom or trying to convince her husband that they need more cats, after all her oldest kiddo will be gone to college soon.
You can find her online at: