February 7, 2015

Nine Minutes by Beth Flynn

 On May 15, 1975, fifteen-year-old Ginny Lemon is abducted from a convenience store in Fort Lauderdale by a member of one of the most notorious and brutal motorcycle gangs in South Florida. From that moment on, her life is forever changed. She gets a new name, a new identity and a new life in the midst of the gang’s base on the edge of the Florida Everglades—a frightening, rough and violent world much like the swamps themselves, where everyone has an alias and loyalty is tantamount to survival. And at the center of it all is the gang’s leader, Grizz: massive, ruggedly handsome, terrifying and somehow, when it comes to Ginny, tender. She becomes his obsession and the one true love of his life. So begins a tale of emotional obsession and manipulation, of a young woman ripped from everything she knows and forced to lean on the one person who provides attention, affection and care: her captor. Precocious and intelligent, but still very much a teenager, Ginny struggles to adapt to her existence, initially fighting and then coming to terms with her captivity. Will she be rescued? Will she escape? Will she get out alive—or get out at all? Part psychological thriller, part coming-of-age novel, filled with mystery, romance and unexpected turns, Nine Minutes takes readers into the world of one motorcycle gang and inside the heart of a young girl, whose abduction brought about its fall.


I seriously don't even know where to begin when it comes to this book. As you know I am like a total huge MC fan and when it comes to them I am like obsessed with them! I heard about Nine Minutes from a couple of friends and had been blowing it off and blowing it off. i really didn't think I was going to like it. When I finally got it I was like preparing myself for the worst and for it to be a BLAH Book! Was I ever so wrong!! 
Nine minutes rocked me down to my core! Seriously the only other book that I has ever touched my like this one has was Taking Chances by Molly McAdams. This one brought me to my knees and threw me for a loop. 
Ginny was kidnapped at 15 by a biker and taken captive. She at first docent know what to expect. When she was kidnapped I was so freaking pissed why in the hell would she get on the back of a bikers bike she didn't know. YIKES!! Than as the book goes on you become one with her and you pretty much live thru here. This book was seriously an emotional ride and I understood her more than any other character. 
Grizz her captor and pretty much the president of the MC is the one that keeps her and he actually loves her. you have to read it to see what I mean. I don't wanna give to much away.
Than there is Grunt he befriends Ginny, he is another member of the gang and he and Ginny grow super close. There is one part in the book where I balled like a damn baby, but was happy that Grunt did what he did. 
Than just when I thought I was totally oak and everything was all flowers and can't it all turns up side down and the end left me with a hole in my heart like WHAT THE FUCK!! I am emotionally devasted. I re read this book 3 times in 2 days trying to understand how I didn't see that coming!! OMG It is SHOCKING!! I loved this book and it is seriously a read. well worth 5 stars just STUNNING!! 

  Beth Flynn is a fiction writer who lives and works in Sapphire, North Carolina, deep within    the  southern Blue Ridge Mountains. Raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Beth and her  husband,  Jim, have spent the last 16 years in Sapphire, where they own a construction  company. They  have been married 30 years and have two daughters (the youngest in high  school) and two  dogs.
 In her spare time, Beth enjoys writing, reading, gardening, church  and motorcycles, especially taking rides on the back of her  husband’s Harley. She is a four-year breast cancer survivor.
You can contact Beth at beth@authorbethflynn.com