April 9, 2015

Ravish Her Completely by Jenika Snow


When Agata wakes up in the middle of nowhere after drinking an herb concoction given to her by an old Norwegian woman, she is confused and just wants to get home. She doesn’t get time to think about her situation because a towering man with battle scars and wielding an ax takes her as his property. Although there is a language barrier between her and the barbarian, she understands the word he keeps calling her: wife. 

When Stian Dagmar finds a woman alone and unconscious in the woods, the first thought he has is that he wants her as his wife. She will probably fight him, struggle for her freedom, but being with him is a lot safer than what his world will give her. 

Can Agata accept her new life and the feelings for Stian that grow within her, or will she go home the first opportunity that arises? 


Jenika Snow surprised me a little by throwing me in a different direction with this book. 
Ravish me Completely  is a stand alone from her, and rather interesting. 

Agata is a successful woman all in her own, the only thing is she is so lonely. With no family or friends, she has nothing, but to do but focus on work which is pry why she is so damn brilliant when it comes to her job. her background is so sad, she grew up in foster care, and never knew her parents. She does however know her mother was American and her father was Scandinavian. Poor girl had no clue. 

While traveling to Norway for work to Norway she comes across an old blonde lady who gives her some herbs that will give her somewhat of a new life and out look. 
Little does she know she will be rocked to the core. Which I freaking loved this was the best part of the story she really had no idea what she was getting into. EEEK! 

Stian finds her in the woods and finds her to be the most beautiful woman her has ever see. He decides to some what keep her. Alpha male to the extreme. I adored him. he is the same thins as Agata just hotter and a little more tougher to understand. 
What drove me insane in the whole book was I had no damn idea how to say his name. I knew I was saying it wrong the whole time!!

By that being my only issue I loved this book! Jenika killed it! 
Totally a MUST READ! 


Jenika Snow 
Jenika Snow is a USA Today Bestselling Author that lives in the northwest with her husband and their two daughters. Before she started writing full-time she worked as a nurse. 

Website: www.jenikasnow.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jenikasnow

Twitter: @JenikaSnow