August 16, 2015

Kathryn Kelly Spotlight!! (Sloan Interview)

Author Kathryn Kelly 

Best known for her Death Dwellers MC series 

I discovered Kelly quite awhile back when she released her first Death Dwellers book Misled and automatically fell in love with her writing style. I loved the raunchiness of her work and how she dose not hold back especially with how a rough and hard a man treats his woman. Her writing may not be for every one, but if you like MC books with some 18+ scenes than you will fall in love with her books. This series is already going on its 8th book. Which is awesome I can't wait to see what is to come. 

She has another series which featured a dickhead rockstar I personally call him a dickhead because I have a love hate relationship with him. Inferno and Incendiary are defiantly not everyones cup of tea. There is some scenarios that some might find harsh especially the age of the heroin. She ended this series but I think there is possibility for some more books

I was lucky enough to get an Interview with the lead character SLOAN from Inferno and Incendiary   

Hello Sloane it is nice of you to come chit chat with me today. I am a huge fan of your band. 

You and millions of others. ::winks:: Glad to have you as a Phoenician.

I first want to start off with the controversy that has been in the tabloids for some time your relationship with an underage girl, what can you tell me about the situation?

Georgie and I are friends. Or we were. She and I grew close and…I decline to comment further on the advice of my attorney.

You are a tuff cookie to get information on why is that, I mean how do you keep your private life so private?  

Jaeger, my manager, is very adept at damage control and releasing only what I want known. With enough money, almost anything can be swept under the rug, even in this day and age. 

You have several other members in your band can you say you are fairly close with them?

We were close at one time, until it seemed as if they turned their backs on me at my lowest point.

Speaking of members did they know you were having a sexual relationship with a underage girl? 

I think they did. They chose to believe otherwise because it was easier to do.

You are more than capable of getting any women you want, I am sure they are pretty much at your beck and call why is it you are wanting something different than they average groupie? 

With the average groupie, as you call it, I’d believe they were just with me because of my fame. They wouldn’t give a shit about what else I did as long as they could be with me.

Speaking of groupies they have been horrible to Georgie the girl you are accused of having a relationship with how are you handling that? 

I’m making it clear fucking with Georgie will not be tolerated. They’ll either be legally prosecuted or dealt with privately by my bodyguards. Whatever it takes I will do to keep Georgie safe.

Poor girl must be going through so much, how would you feel if the DNA test came back and you are the father of her daughter? 

I already know I’m the father. Case closed. Georgie hasn’t been with anyone but me. It is admitting to being the father that is the issue…Fuck, strike those comments. What I meant to say is I’d feel…fuck, how would I feel? Vindicated, you say? All right, sweetheart, let’s go with that.

I really hope this situation is figures out sooner than later do you think there is a reason for it dragging along the way it has? 

Coming to a satisfactory conclusion for all concerned takes time. Despite Georgie’s charges, I want her to be safe and happy. I’m working out a way to see that happens without any harm coming to my reputation.

Well Sloane I appreciate your time and hope you all the best with this difficult situation.

Thank you. The pleasure was all mine, Ash. 

You can find Kelly here, Keep an eye our for her next
 Death Dwellers book! 

Kathryn Kelly is living her dream and writing books. She's always been an avid reader and still devours books in her spare time. She also enjoys football, socializing, music, eating, and jokes. In her head, she's the ultimate biker babe. In reality, she's an ordinary girl-next-door and a native New Orleanian.

She love to connect with her fans, Find her here: