May 6, 2016

Cobra & Alexis (Crusaders MC) By L. Grubb AUTHOR INTERVIEW

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Life was simple before I met Cobra, well, simple to some extent. I had a nine to five job, a mom that I visited in the hospice, a best friend who I still adore and more importantly, no kids.

I couldn't wait to meet our little one. Boy or girl, we weren't fussed, but we kept it a surprise. But when the baby came along, I thought my life was perfect. I couldn't have wanted anything more. Three days after the birth, I started feeling shitty, I mean, we all get them days right? But this…this was something far more serious. I was out of control, borderline bipolar. What the fuck was wrong with me? Can anyone help me?

How can I help her? I can’t control her. My soothing words go unheard in her craze for….whatever it is she’s seeking. I have no idea what’s happened to my sweet Alexis. What has made her so fucking crazy? It’s unbearable, seeing her suffering but having no idea why. I don’t even think she knows why. Someone has to help my Old Lady…because I don’t know where this will lead to. How can our relationship survive after this? How can I trust her with our baby when she can barely look after herself. Please, God, anyone, help us.


Thanks you for sitting down with Morning Books and Coffee today , I know some of your readers are anxious to get inside that head of your to figure out what goes thru your head when you are writing your MC series. 

What sparked you to write the Crusaders MC? 
Honestly? I have no idea. These characters started talking to me and I felt compelled to write their story. I'm glad I did because now I don't feel so crazy about having voices in my head. ;) Now my main characters journeys are complete, they've gone quiet. And the other reason I started writing was because I had NO internet and I bored senseless.

Do you have any crazy habits you do while writing?
I drink ALOT of coffee and coke, I smoke way too much and I have a tendencies to speak out loud when writing.

Out of all your characters you have written so far , who do you relate to most and why?
Hmmm, this one is tricky. I didn't base any characters on myself but If I had to chose, then it would have to be Kristine, the Prez's Old Lady. 

Alex's post-natal depression is a serious issue that happens with women all over the world, can you tell me if there is a specific reason you picked that topic?
I picked this topic because it's not widely written about, it was a challenge because I never suffered with it when I had my little one. I want to get word out there that post-natal depression can be really serious and it's not a joke.

Do you have plans for more books in this series?
I do. I have at least one more, which I've started writing but this one is set in the crusaders english chapter. It will be a little easier to write as I'm British myself.

Can you give us a cast list of you would cast as your characters?
Cobra - Mat Damon (possibly, If he had tatts and hair!)
Champ - Bailey lee model. (It's who I based that specific character on
Lauren - Would be my best friend, Tara.
Alexis: I have no idea, she's unique. 

What can we see next from you? 
Well, I'm writing Holding Onto Hope right now, after that I have no idea, I haven't thought that far ahead. I may continue with the Crusaders MC in the English chapter but that is yet to be decided.

Thank you so much for sitting down with us today can't wait to see what you have in store next! 

Author Bio:

Lucii is your typical British girl, hates the sun and hibernates when summer arrives! She lives at home with her 3 year old daughter, where they spend the day watching Frozen and playing playdoh.

She started off as a regular person, job, home life, health issues and a love of reading. After reading the Fifty shade phenomenon, she went onto social media to seek other authors writing the same or similar genres. She entered a world she didn’t know existed and went on to open a successful blog.

Inspiring dreams took a back burner while she learned the book community and met a bunch of amazing authors and readers alike.

A year later she decided to start writing, hoping against hope that her friends and fellow readers will like what she brings to the table.

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